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Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, graduation party, or anniversary celebration, you’ve come to the right place. Special catering platters filled with salads, deli meats, and hot entrees will keep your guests happy and fed for hours.


Pick 3 out of:

  • Potato salad
  • Tuna salad
  • Red beet salad (With oil or mayo)
  • Bean, fried bread, and cheese salad
  • Crab meat and rice salad
  • Chicken salad with raspberry vinaigrette
  • Caesar salad (With or without chicken breast)
  • Broccoli salad with mushrooms and onions
  • Sweet broccoli salad with raisins
  • Salad with cooked beef tongue
  • Spinach salad with strawberries and feta cheese
  • Celery salad with walnuts and fresh green apple
  • Carrot salad with celery and fresh apple
  • Been, fried bread and Chinese green’s salad

Cold meat assortment and cooked beef tongue with horseradish


Pick 3 out of:

  • Herring appetizer
    (Herring, boiled red beets, marinated onions, sour cream)
  • Herring with mushrooms
    (Herring, cooked mushrooms)
  • Herring under cover
    (Herring, boiled red beets, boiled potatoes, onions, boiled egg, mayo, sour cream)
  • Traditional herring
    (Herring, cooked carrots with onion and tomato sauce)
  • Herring with dried fruit
    (Herring, dried prunes, apples, raisins, apricot, and cooked carrots)
  • Herring with onion, pores, and fresh apples
    (Herring, pores, fresh green apples, dill, and mayo)
  • Herring with dried plums and walnuts
  • Sautéed tilapia with vegetables
    (Cooked carrots, onions, mayo, cheese and tilapia)
  • Fish with cooked vegetables
  • Fish roll with fresh cucumber sauce
  • Cooked carp in jelly
  • Smoked salmon with salad leafs and lemon
  • Fried cod with marinated onions

Pick 1 out of:

  • Natural pork tenderloin
  • Chicken filet with pineapple
  • Pork steak with mushroom and cheese topping
  • Chicken filet with mushroom and cheese topping
  • Chicken kebab with fruit
  • Mushroom-stuffed meatball
  • Pork roll with smoked ham
  • Chicken breast with large white bread crumbs
  • Spicy pork steak with marinated onions
  • Fish steak with walnuts
  • Grounded chicken steak with fresh apple
  • Sirloin with garlic sauce
  • Beef steak with mushrooms or garlic sauce
    ($2.50 extra per person)

Pick 1 out of:

Mashed potatoes
Baked red potatoes
Gourmet rice with steamed vegetables
French fries
Potato croquettes

Pick 1 out of:

Fresh cabbage salad
Carrot salad with garlic
Carrot salad with curry
Hot vegetables with butter
Fried vegetables

The whole café can be yours!

You can have use of the entire café for your private parties. The restaurant can be closed so the only guests are your guests. Let us know your needs ahead of time so your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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